Dear Daddy

I miss you terribly today with you living in Ga and i up here in TN. One person has stopped us from talking and its sad!At your age of 88 i sure don’t want to make your life any more complicated than it already is. I think of you so many times a day i just wish you knew. I want you to know your the reason i strive to me a better person always. You taught me manners self respect and to always try to see the good in a bad situation. No one is perfect that is for sure I don’t know why today is a bad day for me but it is. I miss our weekly talks but i don’t want you to catch the flack just because i called to say “hi daddy i love you and are thinking about you”. She won this battle but she has not changed my heart because i do love you and will forever. That she wont ever control. I wonder if she will go to heaven for not allowing me or your other son to see you? I sure dont wish her the worse but i have no pity.
This is about you and i, if you could read this i would want you to know how much of a lasting impression you have done for my whole life. I strive to be better every day but get beat up almost daily. I wish you were in a place to show some of these people what true self respect was. No one up here knows what kind of life i had before moving they just think i am a stranger and do not know anything. If they only knew what kind of education you gave me huh? All the great places i got to see and be around. Remember our yearly trips to the Nutcracker at the fox theatre? All those plays i was fortunate enough to go see. I still say Showboat was my favorite. I miss you so very much. I cant even tell you how much. One day we will be together again holding hands and talking about books and politics.
Daddy I love you and hope you are at peace down there where you live, Even though i am not your blood child your still MY daddy!!
love your daughter,


feelings of hurt

i did this search not expecting a miracle but found many. I have lots of siblings that i have fell in love right away with. The whole process to take in at once was very hard for me. I never went in this to judge anyone but everyone seemed to think that is what i was doing. All i did was step back due to it over welmed me. Going from not know a thing about who i was to knowing so much. I have never tried to hurt anyone thru this search but i have. For this i am truly sorry. I had to know who i was. I to a point am still trying to figure it all out. I think there are still so many secrets out there that i will never know. My parents that took me in are wonderful parents but i had to know. I often hear its because i was just curious. Most people know their life story, their medical history, their siblings and making it so much easier to belong. I got a few months with my birth father but at the end it was sad his family would not even allow me to his funeral. I would have liked to written his eulogy. It would not have been bad. If anyone knows my writings they are all positive. On this day i still hurt i don’t get to see my dad that raised me and didn’t get to make the peace with birth dad. Everything happens for a reason, but i am back to square one no family.

Anniversary/ birth papers

Today is my 19 year anniversary and I think about the day I got some of my birth records. I don’t even remember driving home after opening up who I was. I do remember sitting in the driveway reading and just sobbing. I could not even get out of my truck. My husband saw me sobbing and come running to my truck. He got in and sat with me as I read about my strawberry blond hair and how my head was perfect shape, and down to what I was doing as a baby. Jody my husband sat there and cried with me and for me. He has wanted for years for me to do this search and he was just happy. Tears rolling down our faces as we sat in my truck in our driveway I look back on that one little small moment at how much he truly supports me. Love you honey and thank you for your support with all my walks of life. Happy anniversary

Dear birth father

The days that I talked on the phone with you were pleasant. My only problem was you tried to plead your side. I came in this search open minded not mad at anyone. Great conversations with you until you tried to push me into calling you dad. I never could do that because my dad had me since 7 months. I was a daddy girl most of my life and live with no regrets. I am thankful for getting to meet you. Again you hurt me in some form with the sisters whom also did. I can tell the blood ran through y’all veins. I still keep your number to occasionally look at your name. I did what was right and tried. I owed myself not anyone else for that matter. I hope your at peace at your death bed I was not allowed to see you. I did see you in life! Ty for the little bit of happiness I did have. I hope your with my god so one day you won’t be bitter!
Your blood daughter Olga Marie

Big picture

Big Picture
By Caroline Moss

Hope Family Health Begins with friendships and faith. I sat down with Joey Forman the chief development officer with warm welcomes. In the beginning they were a small building with Jennifer Dittes founder and co workers that toughed it out to what it has become today. Jennifer had a long term vision and the pieces have come as one very nice size business.
Hope runs under non profit, with federal grants and donations. Joey covered all the day to day operations and what they have to offer patients. Their outreach is to offer full health care outside of hospitals, chronic disease, urgent care, mental disease, with overall preventive care
They never turn a patient away because of their income. For the uninsured they have a pay rate. Hope also accepts insurance and Medicare, and will have a Tn. Care program by the end of the year.
Aside next year each person will be required to have some brand of insurance for their medical care, this will be an adjustment for the providers and for us readers. Joey told me that they will help anyone enroll in these benefits. They offer a program for prescription medicine based on income. They also believe in alternative medicine based on each needs.
Hope Family Health is faith based to support all the staff and clients whom come in there for a visit, “we all come together as one to find healing and hope for anyone what walks in the door”.
Being this is my one true thing the staff at Hope wants the community to know how thankful they are for all the support. They want to grow, have long term dreams to further assist help heal the sick, and eventually add a dental program. Above all they will keep their faith no matter what.

A man of many honors

A Man of Many Honors

By Caroline Moss

Would you believe a WWII veteran would use a metal Quonset hut for a recording studio and become the “King of Music Row.?” William Owen Bradley was that man. Born in Westmoreland Tennessee October 21, 1915, and went to school in Westmoreland until age seven. His family relocated to Nashville and Owen’s life began to change at the age of ten. A mud ball accident affected one of his eyes that kept him out of school six months for recovery. During his recovery at home, Owen taught himself to play many instruments including the piano, steel guitar, organ, harmonica and the list of instruments just continued to grow.

Owen had five siblings consisting of four brothers and one sister. One brother Harold is the sole survivor of the late parents Vernon F. and Letha Maie Owen Bradley. Owen was the first in his family to take interest in learning music. At the age of fifteen, and being a self-taught musician, he exercised his musical knowledge by performing in lodge halls, road houses, and night clubs. He married Mary Katherine Franklin 1935 and bore two children Patsy and Jerry. In that same year he began part time work at radio station WSM.

In 1941 Owen joined the Merchant Marines and played piano for the Ted Weems’ Service Band. When Ted Weems left the service, Musician 1st Class Owen Bradley took over as Director. Staff Sargent Owen Bradley was honorably discharged in 1945 with an EAME (Europe, Africa, Middle East) Theatre Ribbon Award , The American Theatre award for recognition of his performance in WWII, Good Conduct Medal for his three years of service, and a Honorable Victory Ribbon Award for is WWII service. These Awards were given by President Roosevelt and are no longer available to be awarded.

At the War’s end, Owen returned to radio duties at WSM radio in Nashville and was appointed Musical Director. During this time he also put together his own Owen Bradley Orchestra which was considered the premier dance band for country club parties and local society events. He continued to create many “firsts” in the music industry. He played piano and arranged the first commercial jingle recorded in Nashville in 1946. Owen Bradley performed on Nashville’s first television broadcast on WSM-TV in 1950.

Owen Bradley was a man of many honors that includes his honors for service to Our Country along with many other award; 1974 Country Music Hall of Fame Award, and in 1997 Music Square Park (Entrance to Music Row) was renamed, “Owen Bradley Park,” with a bronze sculptured likeness of him at a grand piano.

1976 Owen retired from DECCA/MCA Records but not before producing more records of Country Music Hall of Fame Members and legends than anyone else as Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn, Brenda Lee, Conway Twitty, Ernest Tubb, and others. Even in what is referred to Owen Bradley’s retirement years, he was the Musical Director for the CMA Album of the Year Award Winning Movie Coal Miner’s Daughter, and produced various artists using his favorite songs called “Greatest Hits,” that was the first ever known to exist package by a producer.

Owen Bradley and his brother Harold, ( Known as the world’s most recorded guitarist,) were producing the album “I’ve Got A Right To Cry” for Mandy Barnett at the time of Owen’s death . Mandy is known for her portrayal of Patsy Cline in the original Nashville production of the stage play, Always…Patsy Cline. One of Owen Bradley’s latter projects was the production of K.D. Lang’s million selling album “Shadowland.”
Known as a warm fatherly figure to the music industry, this man of many honors was a husband, father, brother, musician, producer, humanitarian, World War II Veteran, and a legend himself that assisted in the creation of Nashville, Tennessee to be known as Music City USA.
On Saturday September 7, 2013, Westmoreland, TN will honor the birthplace of Owen Bradley with the unveiling of a Historical Marker designating Westmoreland as the birthplace of “The King of Music Row” and “The Architect of the Nashville Sound,” Owen Bradley and his many accomplishments. The festival begins at 9:00 a.m. with vendors opening for shopping. A Memorial Brick has been placed at the Veterans Park in Westmoreland honoring Mr. Bradley for his services to Our Country in WWII and will begin at 11:00 a.m. Following will be the unveiling of the Historical Marker. The Bradley Family Members, along with some country music legends will be guest speakers as well. After the presentations, surprise guests will entertain. The Owen Bradley Music Festival consists of free concerts in the park and Gazebo with Nashville Recording Artists of traditional country music, gospel music, bluegrass, cloggers, Appalachian Story Teller, strolling clowns, strolling musicians, mime artist, train rides and great family fun.
An Owen Bradley Talent Search will be conducted at 4:00 p.m. at the Westmoreland Expo Center. The finalist will receive a free recording session at Beaird Music Group, produced by Larry Beaird and then fine-tuned and placed on CDX and mailed to 2300 country radio stations. The talent search is conducted in hopes of finding another country legend of which Owen Bradley would approve.
Information: 615-644-3017

Visitation with birth mom

My birth mom came for a visit up here where we live I enjoyed every moment even learned about how to put up garden items easier than I was doing. I am trying to get close to them all but it will take some time. If you don’t know your family and were adopted dont be so judgmental until you know what happen in their life be open minded. I am now writing a book about my journey. Hope to have it complete next year.




My aunt Olga

When I started my birth search I found a real gem my aunt Olga I got two years with her many of stories she could tell. Some were sad some were funny but she sure accepted me right away. Her whole family did I even gained her sisters what a blessing that I got the short time with her.she was layed to rest in a beautiful blue casket with doves flying on the outside. I lost my friend and my aunt but her children lost their momma. And she was a twin two sets in her family.i miss her already but I know where she is up there with the good lord looking down on us. I think if her accent so much not many had her language but I am thankful to her son mib for having that door open just for me now I know who I am white hair and all! Rest in peace my sweet sweet aunt Olga I love you love your name sake Olga aka Caroline